Loan Application Procedure

Loan application is initiated by writing a formal letter to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Universe Investment after a through reading, understanding of different loan types and terms & conditions governing the loan and knowing the risks that can arise in case of dipute of failure to payback the loan on due time.

The application letter should clearly define the purpose of the loan (what are you going to do with the loan you're appling for), the amount of principal and the maximum deadline for paying back the loan (the maturity period) with explained payment plan; whether you will be paying using amortization schedule or not.

Upon reception of loan application letter, the team in charges of finance go through the loan processing which take a short period than anyone can imagine.

● Four (4) to 12 hours for Quick Loan,
● Two (2) to 3 days for Shareholders Loan and Loyal Loan and,
● Four (3) to 5 days for Special Purpose Loan and Entity Loan

In between the period of loan processing, the client is to bring loan security documents (collateral).

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